Important Notice to Job Seekers Regarding Dehopper



Anonymous #16368

2 quarters ago

I wanted to share a recent experience that may be of importance to the community.

I recently participated in an interview process with Dehopper, a company that has advertised on cryptojobslist. However, during this process, they requested that I install an application that, upon further investigation, seems to have the potential to compromise cryptocurrency holdings.

Please exercise caution if you are engaging with Dehopper or considering installing any software they recommend. It's always crucial to verify the legitimacy of any app or company, especially when it involves sensitive financial information.

Stay safe and vigilant!




2 quarters ago

Thanks for reporting them! We received a number of complaints about Dehopper and took them down about a month ago. Sorry for the delayed response here!


Raman changed the status to Completed

2 quarters ago

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